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Vintage crackle glass pumpkin

 Crackle Glass Pumpkin

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Wednesday was my day to go to town to the 25¢ Parking Lot Sale and run errands.  After I met with the rain-gutter installer at the Rental, I/we determined that we needed a rain barrel for the downspout to drain into instead of up against the foundation of the house. I had to go to the little town nearby to buy one. Well ... this took me right by the Youth Ranch Thrift Store ... I did not need anything, but always like to check them out and could use some more Fall decorations ... besides purchases are for a good cause.  

The tool section and the lamp section are my favorite sections.  And since I was in a hurry,  I would take a quick run-through those two sections.

... well, nothing in the tool section; so I dashed through the lamp section ... just a couple old lamps ... nothing worthy to stop for ... BUT ... whoa ... wait ... STOP ...  back up ... that's not a lamp ... it's a pumpkin !! 
Yep,  just look at the beautiful amber crackle glass globe ... doesn't that look like a pumpkin to you??? Sure does to me. So for $5.00, it came home with me. I can always use lamp parts.

Disassembled, washed and shined up ... I trimmed off a piece of tree limb to fit in the electric card pipe hole ... added some tiny curly wire .... 

I added a few faux leaves on the top and there you have it 

... a beautiful crackle glass pumpkin that can be lighted too. Pretty by herself and with other decorations. 

Add a little wreath of berries under her for the perfect Fall look.

 Place her in front of a sunny window and she will GLOW.

She looks very much at home sitting on the vintage potato digger and the old wagon goat cart.  

She is pretty sassy sitting on this Shabby white lamp base. A small night light can be connected here. 

She also loves being a part of my Fall Mantel decoration.

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Audrey Z.

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  1. This is so cute! When I saw the picture, that's exactly what came to mind. I love the way it still lights up and the way you pumpkined (I know, not a word)it up.

  2. Audrey that is one clever pumpkin. Love it.

  3. You have such a good eye and a fertile imagination. Keep up the good work!

  4. Another good one. Love how you reinvented that lamp into a pumpkin. Love the crackle look, ok, love it all.

  5. My,my,my!You are so clever. I think you did a wonderful job coming up with this one!


  6. What a creative eye you have!

    I have a lamp with a similar 'pumpkin' on it but I never saw it this way before! Mine has a swirl pattern in the glass instead of the crackles.

    I love your idea & I'm very tempted to try it but I love my lamp too. I will be keeping my eye open for one to take apart though.

  7. You've done it again! I want one of those crackle glass pumpkins. ~ Maureen

  8. Wow, I am very impressed! Just lovely!

    :) Hope

  9. I love what you did!!! You are some succulent lady!! ha ha.. Best wishes, Linda

  10. Oh my gosh, what a great eye you have!! It is beautiful, and the perfect pumpkin! I love the addition of the beautiful leaves. I am going to be on the look out for one of those lamps. Thanks so much for sharing the brilliant idea at A Bouquet of Talent. So thrilled to have you! hugs

  11. This is BEAUTIFUL...i love with with the light on and with the sunlight. You are the bees knees!! Love you and hope you have a wonderful weekend! Donna xoxo


  12. Hi again,

    I would be pleased if you would join in on my Friday's Photo File ~ share any photo. Linkup begins tomorrow morning at 1:00 a.m.
    I hope to see you there!

    :) Hope

  13. How unique! I've never seen a crackle pumpkin! I like it. . .

  14. OMYGOSH, girl...I love this to pieces. It is just adorable.

  15. You really do have a very creative eye, I love your pumpkin!

  16. You have the greatest creative eye, Audrey. I adore the pumpkin from the lamp idea!

  17. Your lamp pumpkin is fabulous! Just perfectly decorated for the season. Love it!

  18. This is so clever! I would have never thought to do this! great idea! I also love the painted base! Great eye!

  19. This is the most beautiful pumpkin I have seen to date. I ABSOLUTELY love it. I am so happy for you, I know when you pass by this unique treasure of yours it puts an uncontrollable smile on your face.

  20. Exceptionally creative Audrey! You are one of my features again this week.

    LOVE this pumpkin.

    Happy weekend!

  21. Thanks Anne from DesignDreams by Anne. I love your party and always so pleased to be able to post. Thanks so much for hosting. Appreciate your nice comment and really honored that you chose to feature my crackle glass pumpkin.
    Audrey Z. http://audreyzumwalt.blogspot.com/
    Timeless Treasures

  22. I'm pretty sure I would not have seen a pumpkin in that lamp base - it's a good thing you did, because that is one very pretty pumpkin :-) Great find!

  23. You are so creative and I like it. That was so cute and how I am amazed with your ideas.. This is so fantastic and I think perfect as Christmas decor. Big thanks.

  24. Audrey you always come up with the cutest ideas ever. This really turned out cute. Thanks for sharing with the party.

  25. Audrey, I just found you through DebbieDoos. I can't believe my eyes. I have seen a million lamps just like this one and not ever put 2 and 2 together that it looked like a pumpkin! I am astounded and I just think you must be so clever and I love it!! I'm going to be watching you so that I can learn something new. I'd also like to invite you to visit the Cottage. I would be very happy to have you..Happy Monday..Judy


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